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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

St Peter's Catholic Primary School

Free Tuition from the Rock & Pop Foundation

The Rock and Pop Foundation

10 o’Clock Show

Facebook Live @rockandpopfoundation

Tuesday 5th – Friday 8th May 2020

The Rock and Pop Foundation is sharing a whole week of free lessons to all parents and children of  intermediate players  on  Guitar Drums Bass and Piano Keyboard 

To support Children in Need and the Big Night in, this week's lesson will be

“Times Like These”

Tuesday 5th May: Guitar

Wednesday 6th May: Drums

Thursday 7th May: Keys

Friday 8th May: Bass

Friday 9th May: Keyboard

Make sure you practice the following chords in time for the show

Verse: D  AM C Em D (x2)

Breakdown: C EM D

Run: D C B/C D over rap part

For complete beginners who would like to view and try guitar drums and keys lessons please register at:

Please Stay Safe

Please Stay at Home

Steve Sammut

The Rock and Pop Foundation  - Founder

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