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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

St Peter's Catholic Primary School

Our NHS - Y5 w/c 18th May

Our NHS Work

Make sure that you have watched Monday's Assembly.
It will be availible all week.

Choose one or two of these activities to complete this week.


1. Timeline

Carry out some research into the NHS. Create a timeline of the key events of the NHS’ history. Add some key events in medicine that occurred before the NHS was formed. You could try to include some of the following: when the NHS was formed, the first UK transplant, introduction of CT scans etc. Carry on your timeline until 2020 – we are in the middle of a historic period for the NHS!

You could include other key events on your timeline as well as relevant illustrations.


2. Uniforms

Have a look at how NHS uniforms are different for different roles e.g. surgeons’ look different to doctor’s and paramedics’, nurses’ and midwives’ etc. What practical reasons might there be for the uniforms looking like this. Then choose one of these uniforms and see what it has looked like through history. E.g. nurses’ uniforms have changed a great deal since the 1940s. Make a list of the main differences. Why do you think these changes have happened?


3. Hot Seat

Can you interview someone and ask them all about their job? Is it in the NHS? Does it link to science or any science-based skills? What other questions could you ask someone who works for the NHS? If you can’t interview anyone for real, you could still come up with the questions you would ask and maybe some potential answers.


4. Self-Portrait Who am I?

Draw a picture of yourself in the centre of your page. Describe some of the things that make you who you are. Then, think about the following questions: - What jobs do you think you would be good at? Why? - What do you think you might want to do when you grow up and why? - How do you think you can get there? - Are there any special skills or qualities you might need to develop further for this job? - Can you think of any jobs in the NHS that you would be suited to?


5. NHS Website

Take a look at the following online video about working in the NHS:

Discuss or write down your ideas about: - What were some of the reasons that made the people want to work in public health? - Are there any other reasons, which are not given, that you could think of?


6. Thank You

Can you complete a competition entry, regarding what you know/have learnt about the NHS this week? See separate guidance ‘KS2 NHS thank you competition’ for details on this.