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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

St Peter's Catholic Primary School

School Development Plan

2016-17 School Development Plan Priorities

1. Review of the School Development Plan (SDP)
Success of 2015-16 plan evaluated July 2016 and input provided for 2016/17. Progress against these priorities are monitored termly at the Children and Learning Committee, the Full Governing Body Committee and as part of Subject Governors termly reports and visits.

The main SDP improvement priorities are:

1. To narrow the gap between the core cohort and those in receipt of Pupil Premium funding;

2. To ensure that all pupils, including those with high prior attainment, make at least expected progress or better    between KS1 and KS2;

3. To ensure that teacher assessments continue to be robust and are underpinned by a secure evidence base;

4. To enhance the impact of subject leadership in all areas of the curriculum;

5. To further enhance and develop the role of parents and carers in their children’s learning;

6. To ensure that the cycle of assessment and planning in RE leads to outstanding teaching and learning.