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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

St Peter's Catholic Primary School

Writing - Y5 w/c 2nd June

You should spend about 45 minutes every day working on your writing skills. 

This week and next we will be planning and writing a newspaper report based on the events of the short film The Rocketeer.

Monday (Inset Day)


Watch the video The Rocketeer


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As you watch the video think about your 5Ws: Who does the story happen to? Where does it happen? When did it happen? What happened in the Story? Why did things happen the way they did?

Once you have done this write a short summary of what happened in the film (around half a page). Use prepositions of time to show how events unfolded. If you’re struggling to remember what a preposition is then have a look at this to refresh your memory



Re-play yesterday’s film but only for the first 40 seconds. Think about what the boy can see, hear, smell, touch and taste (the five senses). Some of these will be less obvious than others, for example taste. However, remember that taste and smell are closely linked, you can also use similes and metaphors to help you. For example, “the sweet taste of maize hung in the air...” could be used to describe the sweetcorn in the fields.

Once you have done this, write a couple of sentences for each of the five senses from the boy’s perspective (you only have to do one for taste). Try to avoid sentences beginning with: “The boy could taste/smell, etc.” instead try to use prepositional phrases to start your sentences, e.g. “From the barn the boy could see…” “Around him, the scent….” Once you have done this try to combine your sentences into a paragraph.



Think about what the Rocketeer looks like - freeze the film at 1:38 if you can’t remember. In particular, think about what he is wearing and what is on his back. Write expanded noun phrases and similes and metaphors to describe his appearance.

Once you have done this, think about his personality: he makes some mistakes but he always manages to correct them. Does this suggest he’s clumsy? What else might it suggest about his personality? Write two paragraphs about the Rocketeer - one to describe his appearance and one to describe his personality.



Imagine you were going to interview the Rocketeer about the events in the film. What questions would you ask him? Think of roughly 7 questions and write them down on a piece of paper. Now imagine that you are the Rocketeer answering those questions; write down your responses in as much detail as you can.

Alternatively, you could post your questions on Google Classroom and have one of your classmates answer them for you, or (if your parents agree!) you could Zoom/call one of your friends and take it in turns to be the questioner and the Rocketeer.