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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

St Peter's Catholic Primary School

Writing Y1 w/c 18th May

This week we are looking at making words plural with s or es

Look at this video on Espresso to help you with your learning.
There are two good activities to complete after.

Click here for video - you will need to sign into Discovery Education

In addition here is a handy poster to help you


Writing task:
Choose one a picture a day to make into a plural word and then write a super sentence using the word. You can also add your own words!

Remember your super sentence criteria whenever you write a sentence:

  • practise what they want to say in their head before they writ
  •  use a capital letter and full stop
  •  leave spaces between words
  • sound out words - use the sound mat provided.
  • Extra challenge: using and or because
  • Including ‘WOW’ adjective

Extra Challenge: make a Miss Greene style video for Tapestry teaching us about singular and plural words