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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

St Peter's Catholic Primary School

Year R - Week beginning 8th June

Hi Reception, 

We hope you all had a fantastic week last week.

We are really looking forward to welcoming some of you back into school from Monday - it will be a very exciting time! But for those of you not returning yet, please don’t worry. You’ll get to join in with lots of the same amazing activities we will be completing in school, via the home learning on the school website.

Follow this through, as best you can, like we’ll be doing at St. Peter’s - the whole of Reception working hard matter where we are!

The maths learning this week is based on the story ‘The Princess and the Wizard’ by Julia Donaldson. Miss Moon will post a video of the book being read aloud on Tapestry, or there are plenty of options on YouTube that you could take a look at.

Also, don’t forget to watch Mrs Bolden’s phonics videos this week - for an exciting introduction to Phase 4!

 If you need anything at all, please just email us. 

Best wishes, 

Reception Team 


Every day you should do: 

Reading & Story Time 




There is also an RE task for this week


Independent learning time ideas: w/c 8th June 2020

This week our independent learning activities are PSHE based games that help to develop relationship skills, emotional understanding, self-confidence and self-awareness, physical skills, as well as communication and language skills.

If your child is back at school from Monday 8th June, we will be aiming to cover the below with them - during their Monday to Thursday lessons. You do not need to repeat these at home, unless you wish to. 

High wire
Resilience and perseverance.

You will need: chalk (or other available resource i.e. length of rope, string etc).
Draw a long line on the floor. Make it at least 2 metres in length.
Children have to balance on it from one end to the other.
If you fall off, go back to the start.
Score points for completing it. See how many points you can score over a set
period. If playing with someone else - one doesn’t begin on the wire, until the other is at the end. Also, who can get the highest score?


Cap’ain on Deck
Listening and turn-taking.

You will need: at least 2 players and pirate props (optional).
Become a pirate on a pirate ship. Jog about in a space. If playing with others
also pretending to be pirates, changing direction (so as to avoid crashing into
one another).
Pretend to be busy with your own pirate ship tasks, as you do this.
Someone is the pirate leader. At various points the pirate leader makes loud
announcements in their best pirate voice.
The pirates must act as swiftly as possible to complete a related task, such as:
Scrub the deck!–pirates crouch down and mime scrubbing the deck with their hands. Climb the rigging!–pirates run on the spot miming climbing up rigging with their hands. Walk the plank!–pirates stop, walk forward three steps along the imaginary plank, then jump to crouching, as if into the sea.
Cap’ain on Deck!– all pirates must stop and salute shouting ‘Aye aye Cap’ain’ in their best pirate voice.
Leader varies the orders as they wish and swaps over for others to have a go as the pirate leader, during the game.


Self-awareness and self-confidence.

You will need: at least 2 players and any relevant dress-up props (optional).
Adults choose a habitat like desert, ocean, or rainforest and make
up a story i.e. let’s go on an adventure to find the treasure chest.
First, we need to hop in our boat and row across the water to find
the island. When we get there, the sand is so hot that we have to
use a special frog to cross it. Can you hop like a frog? etc.
Children respond to said ideas with physical and verbal reactions.
Get them to suggest how they might be feeling and why at certain
points. Incorporate children’s ideas and suggestions, allow them
to lead the story telling, as much as possible.
Discuss at the end… their
favourite part of the story - why? Their least favourite part - why? How could
it be improved - why?


Boom Chicka Boom
Listening, co-operation and self-confidence.

You will need: at least 2 players and any relevant dress-up props (optional).

Group nominates a leader.
Leader says: Boom chicka boom
Response: Boom chicka boom
Leader: Boom chicka boom
Response: Boom chicka boom
Leader: Boom chicka rocka chicka boom
Response: Boom chicka rocka chicka boom

Leader: Aha!
Response: Aha!
Leader: Eehee!
Response: Eehee!
Leader: Who’s got one for me?

The leader then takes suggestions of how the group will ‘perform’ the above, the
next time round. You could focus on volume, emotion, different characters i.e.
quietly, shyly, grumpily, coyly, fiercely, like a pirate, ghost, robot, zombie etc.
Depending on the confidence of the person making the suggestion, either the
leader, or the person making the suggestion - can lead the next round.