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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

St Peter's Catholic Primary School


Following feedback from parents about Maths and how confident they feel in supporting their children, some common themes have emerged:

  • Understanding the learning behind the maths that children do;
  • Receiving more information about maths in the Early Years (our Power Maths scheme is organised differently in Reception class and is only one part of their maths learning);
  • Having demonstrations to show how maths is taught using video or other digital media.

In response to these issues, we have created a brand new video information series for parents #MathsMonday!

#MathsMonday will post on our school Facebook page and website, giving parents an insight into how children develop mathematical awareness, the resources that we use to support children and the methods that children learn.

Series 1 - Early Years Maths

During 2017, Mrs McDonnell (Specialist Leader of Education for EYFS) led a project for the Bucks, Berks & Oxon, Surrey Plus and Sussex Maths Hubs looking at Early Years maths. The aim was to develop video resources to support teachers’ and parents’ understanding of how children acquire skills in maths.

The videos use footage of children working with their teachers in their usual classroom environments so that you can see the types of activities and questions that are used to help develop the children’s understanding of each concept. Each video also contains a reflection, which explores further the learning behind each mathematical concept along with a range of ideas to support teachers and parents in creating playful, maths opportunities for children.

Taking part in the project were four experienced Early Years teachers and phase leaders, including our own Mrs Hartfield and Miss Skinner (who left us last year) who worked together to develop this resource. We hope that you find the videos informative - as ever, your feedback is very welcome.

Early Years Ep:1

Our first video explores the concept of addition by counting on. It was filmed in the Reception class at South Farnham School, one of our partners in the project. We hope you find it useful.

Early Years Ep:2

This video explores how the language of addition and subtraction develops. It was also filmed in the Reception class at South Farnham School, one of our partners in the project.

Early Years Ep:3

This video explores the concept of comparison using the terms more and fewer. You may spot some familiar faces as it was filmed at St Peter's with Miss Skinner, our previous KS1 lead. Enjoy!

Early Years Ep:4

When children feel confident with numbers they will want to record what they have done. In this video we see how children might record their learning in different ways. It was filmed in the Reception class at Juniper Hill School, the final partner in the project.

Early Years Ep:5

In this video we explore the ways that children come to understand what happens when an object or group of objects is shared out. You will recognise the familiar face of Mrs Hartfield, our EYFS lead (currently on maternity leave)