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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

St Peter's Catholic Primary School

Building & Resources Fund (Governors’ fund)

Unlike the school fund or FOSP monies, the Building and Resources Fund (administered by the Governing Body) can only be used to support capital (building/maintenance works). Previously, we have focused on improving school site security, installing new fencing and gates around the school field. We have fireproofed the school curtains, installed a new kitchen shutter, and installed emergency lighting throughout the school buildings. With the Friend’s of St Peter’s, we have improved outside learning through installation of the amphitheatre.  We have also developed a flexible computing facility to be used in classrooms.

In 2016, the Governing Body and school leadership team were successful in obtaining a £500,000 grant, via the Diocese, for the refurbishment of the school kitchen, replacement of the ventilation structure, a new boiler/heating system and a small extension of the school hall.  As a Voluntary Aided school we have had to raise 10% of the value of the grant to undertake capital (£50,000). This has nearly been achieved by the generosity of our linked parishes and parental donations.   Parents are always welcome to donate towards this fund by standing order or by direct donation. It is important to understand that no parent is obliged to make these payments, but any voluntary donation you can afford would be gratefully received.

Gift Aid Form (v 2018) click here
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Please note this fund is separate from the School Fund.