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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

St Peter's Catholic Primary School


Meet Sunshine, Rainbow, Flower, and Sparkles who are our chickens. They all hatched here at St Peter's and are all female chickens, called hens.

The chickens live in a large coop in a special enclosure on our school field. Every class has a special day when it is their turn to check on the chickens, top up their food and collect the eggs which we often use for cooking in school - they are delicious! 

Chickens are omnivores which means that they will eat anything;  grass, bugsfruitvegetables and and other plants. 


More interesting chicken facts: 

  • Chickens are related to the Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur.
  • There are more chickens in the world than any other species of bird.
  • A healthy chicken lays about 265 eggs each year. 
  • Chickens cluck after they lay an egg.
  • As a chicken gets older the eggs they lay become bigger but fewer eggs are laid.
  • Chickens will be less nervous if you walk backwards when entering the coop.
  • Most chickens swallow gravel to help mash food.
  • Chickens have excellent hearing and memory.
  • There are well over 300 breeds of chickens.

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