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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

St Peter's Catholic Primary School

Friday Celebration Assembly - 18th June

Good Morning! 

It is Friday 12th June, let's celebrate all the great things that have happened
at St Peter's this week. 


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Watch out - Scientists about!

Science has been everywhere this week at St Peter's, both in school and at home. We have seen some amazing investigations happening and found out lots about the world around us.

We have really enjoyed watching the videos that some of our home learning children have been making about their science - they are just as good as the videos from your teachers! We will be sharing some pictures of Science Week in the newsletter and hope to be able to share some of the videos with you soon too.

Thank you to Mrs Williams who worked so hard to organise such a great week and to all the staff who helped in many ways, including making videos for the children. You have inspired a lot of science learning.

Here are just two of the great things we have seen; Bobby, carrying out his own experiment about boyancy and Alex making a spot welder!


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Well done and thank you, to all the children that got involved and to all the parents that helped them. 


Children's Work 

Please click on the gallery to see our brilliant work. 

Don't forget that your parents can send in examples of your work, or a special mention to Mrs McDonnell each week, which will be included in our gallery. 

#ThankYouNHS Competition

A BIG congratulations and thanks to Oliver New (Y4), Oliver O'Malley (Y3), Sophia Murray (Y4) and Riccardo Di Prisco (Y4) for their amazing 'NHS thank you' competition entries. They have been selected for a special prize by Miss Moon.

All of the entrants for this competition received a certificate of achievement from St. Peter's.
If any of our entries are selected as local or national winners we will let you know!


Thomas & William are Active for Alzheimer's 

This June, Thomas, William and their parents have set themselves targets to raise awareness and donations for Alzheimer's Research UK.  Thomas will cycle 200 km and William will run 50 km.

They have shown enormous dedication to the cause (having seen their Great Grandmother live with dementia, until her passing last summer) getting up early for laps of running and cycling around local roads as well as in the rain!

Their fundraising page is if anyone would like to support their challenge. 

We look forward to hearing how well the challenge goes - Good Luck! 


Super Shout Outs 

This is the last week for super shout outs. From next week, we will be sharing our normal achievement certificates for each year group in assembly. If you are awarded a certificate for your learning at home, it will be sent to you in the post. 


Maple Class 

We have had another wonderful week back at school. We have thoroughly enjoyed Science Week. Thank you so much to those of you at home who have been doing some fantastic Science too. It has been great to see your fantastic experiments. I am looking forward to speaking to those of you at home again on the phone today. 

This week I want to say a big well done to Leon who has been working so hard with his Phonics at home and who also has become a very talented drummer! Keep up the great work Leon!

I also want to mention Sebi who has worked so hard all week with all his learning at school. In particular in Science where he won our competition of 'Who can make the most buoyant boat?'

Well done to all of Maple Class for another great week. Have a fantastic weekend!

With love from Mrs Bolden xx

Willow Class 

It has been an amazing week - filled in particular, with lots of Science!

Thank you to everyone who got involved at both home and in school. The Willow Bears and Lions have been busy testing how absorbent different biscuits are and the buoyancy of different boats. Well done Bears and Lions!
An extra special thank you as well to Sofia for being so inquisitive and displaying amazing questioning skills, while out and about on a walk in her local environment. Also a huge well done to Leon for getting on board a science investigation linked to boats. Finally, thank you to Johnny and Alex for their videos about their buddies that they sent in for Mrs Hartfield. 
 All the best, Miss Moon


Ash Class 

Hello Ash Class- Happy Friday! I hope you all have an amazing weekend! I spoke to lots of you at home the end of last week. It made me very happy and I was smiling lots and lots. I can’t wait to speak to some of you today too and hear what you have been up to! You have all been doing lots of amazing work at home and at school and I am so proud of you. Thank you for keeping going and also thank you for all the wonderful learning lots of you are posting on Tapestry.  Remember if you would like to post a ‘Show and Tell’ you can! I will try and collect them every Friday so you can all watch them over the weekend.

Missing you all lots and lots! From Miss Greene

Here are a few shout outs for this week…

Isla for her super writing in her daily diary and exploring her new science kit this week!
Alice for being a super learner working hard with mummy and daddy completing lots of maths and reading!
Brandon for his fantastic work at home and his brilliant construction of a garden obstacle course!
Well done to Olek, Sofia and Jadzia for some super science investigations this week! I saw Sofia’s flower investigation and her nature table, Olek’s insect, boat and lego experiment and Jadzia had an amazing presentation about her insect hunt with her brother, popcorn experiment and one about buoyancy!

Rowan Class 

Hi Rowan Class! 

Well done for another brilliant week of home learning! I hope you all had lots of fun with your science investigations. Missing you all lots! It was so lovely to speak to half of you on the phone last week and I can't wait to talk to the rest of you today.

This week I would like to give a special shout out to

Noah for his super science investigation with crisps!

Emilia for her fantastic science learning in the kitchen and for recording her investigation brilliantly!

Toby for producing such a thoughtful piece of writing for RE this week!

Daniella for continuing to try her best in all of her home learning!

Emma for all of the amazing writing she has done over the past couple of weeks!

Maelia for writing a wonderful letter!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend with your families!

From, Miss Joslin 🙂


Beech Class 

I hope that you have had a fantastic week of learning! It has been great to see so many of you doing some great Science investigations this week! I’m so proud of you all. Keep up the brilliant work!
This week I would like to shout to:

Bobby who has done some brilliant Science this week. He decide to create and test boats made out of different materials to see which one would be the most buoyant. He also investigated how starch in corn explodes to create pieces of popcorn. In addition to sharing these experiments, he also went on a walk in the forest and shared a picture of the biggest and most beautiful piece of fungus that he and his Mum have ever seen!

Nico for doing some amazing Science this week. Nico also did an investigation about the buoyancy of a boat. He made a boat out of Lego and when he put it in the water it sank. Nico said that his boat sank because of the holes in the Lego. He then covered up the holes and his boat floated!

Vanessa for doing some great Science this week. She decided to test how quickly materials when dropped from a height would take to land on the floor. She wrote a fantastic prediction and conclusion and included diagrams to show what had happened too!

Please remember to keep on sharing work with me via Tapestry and through emailing me. I love seeing all the brilliant learning that you are all up to. It really does put a big smile on my face when I hear from you all!

Please also feel free to share any more Show and Tell videos with me. If you have created one and would like to record another one then I will be happy to share those. I am missing you all very much and I am looking forward to speaking to some of you on the phone today. Keep up the fantastic work and keep on smiling! You are all superstars and I am very proud of you all!

Love from, Miss Shaw x


Poplar Class 

Well done for another successful week.  I have been really impressed by all of the science that you have all done.  Particular congratulations to Aramys and Ashley for the reports you did on Alan Turing - I loved the scientific and technical vocabulary you used in your work. 
Charlotte also showed some excellent comprehension skills by using the text to support and justify her answers. 
Well done also to Harvey and Lily for all of the science experiments you have done at home; I was really impressed by your scientific reasoning to come to the conclusions that you did. 
Finally, well done to Victoria for being better at Maths than White Rose! 
I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend.  

Mr Tyler