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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

St Peter's Catholic Primary School

Key Stage 2 - Years 3 - 6

As children move into Key Stage Two (KS2), the style of learning becomes more formal but remains focused on inspiring experiences and opportunities for children to collaborate together.

Our curriculum is organised so that children deepen their understanding by regularly revisiting key knowledge and concepts at increasing levels of complexity and challenge.

Children enjoy rich opportunities across all subjects. Classic children’s literature inspires writing and a love of reading, scientific enquiry deepens children’s thinking, individual sports and team games provide physical challenge, music and art allow children to express themselves creatively, journaling and meditation supports children’s well-being and gives them time in a busy week to reflect.

We have invested in technology to support children in becoming modern, global citizens. Most children in KS2 have access to their own laptop, i-Pad or Chromebook and by the end of 2020 all children in KS2 will have this opportunity. We use this technology to support our work with our Global Collaboration partners.

We follow the National Curriculum and all KS2 Programme of Study Objectives in each subject are covered across Years 3-6.

Key Performance Indicators

You can find Key Performance Indicators for reading, writing and maths in Y1-6 here.

This booklet outlines the key performance indicators (KPIs) in each of the areas of reading, writing and mathematics. For pupils to have achieved the expected standard for their year group in a subject, they will have demonstrated that they have achieved all of the KPIs consistently and confidently. Evidence of achieving these KPIs will be through a variety of methods including written work, observations, discussion, performance and testing.

The Key Performance Indicators do not represent every aspect of the National Curriculum, rather they are the key indicators against which we assess pupils’ achievement and outcomes at the end of each curriculum year.

Please find below information regarding the curriculum for each year group in Years 3-6; our curriculum map and our termly curriculum overviews

Year 3 - Birch & Elm Classes

Year 3 Curriculum Map 2020 -2021 (coming soon)

Year 4 - Cherry & Hazel Classes

Year 4 Curriculum Map 2020 - 21 (coming soon)

Year 5 - Hawthorn & Poplar Classes

Year 5 Curriculum Map 2020-21 (coming soon)

Parent presentation about Y5 Lincolnsfield Centre Residential trip (coming soon)

Year 6 - Sycamore & Chestnut Classes

Year 6 Curriculum Map 2020-21 (coming soon)

Parent presentation about Y6 PGL Residential trip (coming soon)