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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

St Peter's Catholic Primary School

Liturgy & Spirituality

Spiritual Journaling 

Spiritual Journals are a big part of our life at St Peter’s. We use this time in our classrooms each week to contemplate scripture and how each piece of the Word of God speaks to us. This can be illustrated with pictures, keywords, colour and pattern in whatever form we choose.




Stations of the Cross 

Thank you to Felix, Emily C, Eva, Henry B, Imogen and Leon from the St Peter’s Pals who have created a video presentation of the wonderful Stations of the Cross that the children made to celebrate Holy Week 2022.

Each Station is represented by a mix of drawing, paint, textiles work, digital media and small world representation. The children have shown such creativity in creating these special moments in the last journey of Jesus. Please do take a few moments to watch the video with your children as part of your Easter preparations.


The Liturgical Year 

At St Peter’s we recognise and mark events from the Churches liturgical calendar across the school year. Below is a guide of some of the religious days and events that happen throughout the year.








Weekly Rosary Groups

Harvest Festival

Mass for All Saints

Advent begins

Feast of St Andrew


Reconciliation (KS2)

EYFS & KS1 – Nativities

KS2 – Carol Service









Ash Wednesday

Lent begins



Reconciliation (KS2)

Whole school Easter Play

Holy Week

Good Friday

Easter Sunday

Feast of St Bernadette

Weekly Rosary Groups

May Procession

Recognising Mary

Feast of St Peter and St Paul

End of year leavers mass

Feast of St Anne





















What is the Liturgical calendar?

The Liturgical Calendar begins every year during the month of November on the First Sunday of Advent and runs through to the Solemnity of Christ the King.

The "Lectionary," the Mass readings from the Holy Bible, follows a Sunday cycle and a weekday cycle. The Liturgical Calendar follows a three-year cycle, each year being represented by the letters, A, B, and C. During the year A cycle, the Gospel of Matthew is the primary Gospel that is used for the readings. In year B, Mark is the primary Gospel. In year C, Luke is the primary Gospel. The Gospel of John is proclaimed on particular Sundays in each of the years.

Seasons of the Liturgical Calendar

In each cycle of the Liturgical Calendar, you will find six Seasons:

  • Advent
  • Christmas
  • Lent
  • Triduum (often referred to as Holy Week)
  • Easter
  • Ordinary Time (there are two periods of Ordinary Time each year)

During the year, in addition to the Sunday worship, the Church also celebrates Solemnities, Feasts, and Memorials, which may be on any day of the week. These occur during the year to commemorate special events or persons that are highly revered by the Catholic Church.

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