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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

St Peter's Catholic Primary School

Monday 27th April - Courage

This week we are thinking about the value of courage and how we can have the courage to recognise that it is:

'Good to be Me'

Read the writing below before listening to the assembly You can ask a grown up to read it with you if you need help.

  • What do you think the word ‘special’ means?

Every time a baby is born, that baby is special, never in the history of the world has a baby quite like that one been born before. You are absolutely special. Even though there are millions and millions of children all across the world, no two of them are the same. Each of them has something special that makes them who they are.

  • Can you think of some ways that you are different to your family or friends?

Every child has a different way of being special. It isn’t only about what they look like, or what they are good at, each child is unique and special in his or her own particular way.

  • Sometimes it is hard to remember how special each of us is.
  • Sometimes we think that others can do things so much better than we can.
  • Sometimes, when we feel bad, we forget what our special gifts are.


Now read, or ask an adult or older brother or sister to read, the story for today's assembly: 

Click on the picture to read the story



Think about the story you just heard. Think or talk about:

  • Can you remember the different things that made each of the animals special?
  • Why do you think that Mouse found it so hard to believe in herself?
  • How did mouse use her special talents? 

Some people have special gifts that are easy to see and others are special in a much quieter way like Mouse was.

If you are feeling bad about yourself, it’s hard to remember that you have your own way of being special.

Can you think of one special thing about yourself? It could be something you are good at, or perhaps something thoughtful or brave that you have done.

Sometimes we need to remember that we are all special, and that we all have our own special skills and talents, we just need the courage to use them. 

You might like to sing this song with your family - can you remember how to sign it? 


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God made me as I am,
part of creation's plan.
No one else can ever be
the part of God's plan that's me.

© Bernadette Farrell. Published by OCP Publications