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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

St Peter's Catholic Primary School


Our Music curriculum is designed to help children to gain a firm understanding of what music is, through listening, singing, playing, evaluating and composing across a wide variety of forms, cultures and traditions.

We encourage children to express themselves musically with many extra-curricular opportunities to perform in front of their peers, families, and in the wider community. We want children to think of music as something that can be enjoying, stimulating, relaxing, or challenging, and promote the idea of listening to music for pleasure.

We follow the National Curriculum for Music. The programmes of study for Key Stage One and Two can be found here

At St Peter's, we are proud of the extra music opportunities we can offer to our children.

  • We have a strong choir tradition with both KS1 and KS2 sections, who perform regularly both in school and in our wider community as well as taking part in competitions.
  • We partner with Surrey Arts to offer individual piano tuition and individual or group cello tuition.
  • We have a visiting trumpet teacher who takes individual and small group lessons for children. 
  • The 'Rock and Pop Foundation' and 'Rocksteady' music schools offer both a variety of music lessons and the opportunity to play in a band.