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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

St Peter's Catholic Primary School

Phonics - Week 2

Every day you should do about 10 minutes of phonics 

These are the sounds that we are learning this week: 

 ear          air


 New tricky words: are, her

Here is our teaching sequence for this week: 



                                               Click to watch the video 
                                              Click to watch the video 







                                                   Click to watch the video 










Some games that you can play

  • How many things can you find with these sound in them? i.e. chair, butter.
  • Place the four sounds ear, air, ure, er in the four corners of a room or four spaces on the floor. Ask someone to call out the sounds? Can you run to the correct one? How fast can you get there?
  • Act it out. Think of a word containing one of the new sounds i.e. beard. Mime this word to a family member. Can they figure out what word/sound you have used?
  • Hide and seek. Hide the letters a, r, e, h, e, r around the house. Can you find them all? Can they then arrange them to spell out the new tricky words ‘are’ and her’.
You can download this picture to colour below.