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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

St Peter's Catholic Primary School

School Uniform

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Please note that all items carrying the St Peter’s badge are provided by our official suppliers: Mapac and Unismart. The Friends of St Peter’s (FOSP) also have regular pre-loved uniform sales with good quality items available at very reasonable costs. We encourage all parents to use this service and to donate any uniform no longer needed by your child to them.  

Sweatshirts/cardigans, the school tie and our PE shirts are the only badged items which are REQUIRED by our school uniform policy.

Our suppliers offer a range of additional branded items (fleeces etc) but these are optional. Other items of school uniform may be sourced from Mapac, Unismart or from any other high street or web-based supplier.

Uniform list:


Maroon V-neck sweatshirt or sweat cardigan with school logo – available only from Unismart or Mapac


Pale blue collared shirt (either long or short-sleeved)


Maroon embroidered with school logo – available only from Unismart or Mapac.
Both boys & girls wear a tie with their shirt.


Grey Classic tailored cut. No casual or fashion trousers/shorts

Skirt / Pinafore

Traditional grey skirt or pinafore dress – knee-length or up to 5cm below knee length

Summer Dress


Traditional pale blue and white striped (not gingham or checked) dress, knee-length or up to 5cm below knee length. 
Available at Unismart, Mapac or Marks & Spencer

Worn during Summer Term and up to October Half term

Indoor P.E. Kit


Yellow polo shirt with embroidered school logo – available only from Unismart or Mapac
Plain navy blue shorts or plain navy blue cycle shorts.
Simple trainers

Outdoor PE Kit

Navy blue track suit.
Simple trainers

Optional P.E. Kit


Heavy trainers or football boots.
(Not typically required until children are in older years and playing matches on the field)


Plain grey or white traditional school socks at knee or ankle length – no trainer socks.




Black or navy – no open-toed sandals or trainers. All shoes should be a sensible heel height – suitable for running and playing

Coats / Jackets

Plain, warm, dark-coloured and waterproof coat or jacket, preferably navy blue.

School Fleece

OPTIONAL Maroon fleece with school logo – available only from Unismart or Mapac


Hats for summer term must be school legionnaire hat or plain navy baseball cap (i.e. no other logo).


Hair that is longer than shoulder-length must be tied back.
Hair accessories should be in the school colours (pale blue, navy or maroon) or neutral, hair colours.
Hair gel and other styling products are not permitted.


Small, plain, gold or silver coloured studs or ‘sleeper’ hoops which fit snugly around the ear lobe are permitted.

Children MUST be able to remove these without adult help, since the wearing of earrings for any form of physical education is not allowed. PE is a requirement of the National Curriculum, any child having their ears pierced must do so at the start of the summer holidays.

No other jewellery is permitted.

Watches, 'Smart' watches and wearable technology

Watch with a plain leather/plastic/metal strap. 

We discourage children from wearing 'Smart' watches to school and accept no responsibility for loss or damage to these. 

‘Smart’ Watches running the iOS or Android operating systems with camera / audio or video recording facilities and/ or independent access to the internet must be switched off and handed to the teacher for safe-keeping during the day.
(e.g. Samsung Galaxy watch, Apple watch etc)

 'Smart'  watches without independent connectivity and/ or cameras may be worn providing they are being used as normal watches and for no other function beyond telling the time. (e.g. simple heart/ movement trackers, FitBit Kids).

Mobile Phones 



Our school strongly advises that pupils do not bring mobile phones into school but accepts that there may be particular circumstances in which a parent wishes their child to have a mobile phone for their own safety.

In order to balance the need for children to feel safe when offsite with our safeguarding responsibility we publish a Mobile Phone agreement which is only applicable to children who walk to and from school in Year 5 and6 and which all children and parents must sign before they are permitted to bring a mobile phone on site. You can find more information here.

Mobile phones will be handed to the class teacher and stored for safe-keeping during the day. If a child needs to contact his or her parents or carers, this will be managed by the school office. If a child breaches the agreement, then the phone will be confiscated and will be held in a secure place in the school office and only released to parents or carers.

NO OTHER pupils may bring mobile phones into school.

If children from any year group are found to have any other mobile devices in their possession, they will be confiscated and returned to them at the end of the school day.

Any child found to be inappropriately using a mobile phone or Smart Watch will have their device confiscated and kept by the school until appropriate arrangements can be made for the collection of device by a parent/carer.

The child will not be able to bring any mobile device into school from this point and will be dealt with in accordance with the school Behaviour Policy.


Uniform Suppliers:

Unismart: You can order at their shop in Cobham, over the phone on 01932 868233 or via their website here. They offer FREE DELIVERY to the school.


Mapac is an online-only supplier. You can access the website here. You can also order over the phone during office hours 0900- 1700 Mon-Fri on 01923 255525.They offer FREE DELIVERY to the school during term time or for orders over £50.


Friends of St Peter’s (FOSP): to contact them for information about the next pre-loved uniform sale, email and keep an eye on our school newsletters.