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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

St Peter's Catholic Primary School

Supporting Your Child's Learning

Knowing what your child is learning

The National Curriculum sets out the expected attainment standards for the end of each year group in the core subjects.

You can find details of all the subjects in the National Curriculum here.  

Visit the Curriculum section to find detailed information on what is taught in each year group and in many subjects, including how to help your child at home. 

You can also watch our Video Guides for parents which explain more about our curriculum and how you can help at home. Click the image to watch the collection on our Vimeo channel. 

Understanding how your child is progressing 

At the end of each term we will report on children’s attainment to parents. Our aim is to explain to parents what each child can do and what they need to do next to succeed further.

There is  an expectation that children should not rush through objectives but instead embed and master them, so that they can apply them to other problems, questions or topics.

At the end of the autumn and spring terms we will provide a progress report on Reading, Writing and Mathematics. We will also give a target for each subject area, which your child will be focusing on in class and which you may also be able to support at home.

At the end of the summer term, we will send out a full report on all subjects, relating your child’s progress towards the expected standards of their year group's curriculum.  If your child is working significantly above or below the expectations of their year group we will explain the standard at which he/she is currently working.

Children in Year Reception follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. We provide a detailed written report on all the areas of learning in this curriculum at the end of the academic year, and keep parents informed with ‘next steps’ targets at the end of the autumn and spring terms.

If you have any queries about how to support your child’s learning at home, you can make an appointment to see your class teacher at any point in the school year.