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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

St Peter's Catholic Primary School

Thursday Assembly - What's in the news? 18th June

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What’s going on this week?

Getting back to 'normal'?

Since schools closed to most pupils two weeks before the Easter break, many young people have had to completely change their usual routines.
While some year groups in England have been allowed to come back to school before the long summer holidays, children in Years 2-5, Primary aged children in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and most secondary aged pupils will not return to school until September. 

Main question

How important is it to have a routine?


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Listen, think, share

This week’s story looks at whether or not it is important to have a routine and how many of us have had huge changes made to our daily routines during the lockdown.

Some people don’t like routines, and prefer to do things as and when they choose.
Do we know anyone like this, or are we like this?

Some people believe that if you have a strict routine that you stick to, you are more productive than if you just do whatever you like when you feel like it, do you agree?

 Do you have a bedtime routine? If you do, and for one night didn’t follow the routine, does it affect your sleep?

If you don’t have one, would you like to? What might it look like? E.g. hot chocolate, reading, teethbrushing etc.



For some of us, having a routine is important.

It means we know what we are doing and what’s happening at different times, others enjoy change and making sure each day is varied.

We are all different and it’s important for us to respect and show consideration for those around us.


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