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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

St Peter's Catholic Primary School

Topic - Y2 Week 2

Choose one activity to do each day from this list. 
You should spend at least 20 minutes per day
working on your chosen activity.

This week’s work: (can be done in any order)


  • Please find the reading for the RE learning linked below. It is based on Mark 11: 1-11.
  • Read and find out about what happened on Palm Sunday.
  • Create a piece of artwork in response to this story, this could be a drawing, painting or collage. Underneath in your own words write a few sentences re-telling what happened on Palm Sunday.
  • ·Answer these questions: Why do you think the people were cheering? How do you think Jesus felt? How would you have felt if you had been there?

History/DT- Castles and Dragons:

  • ·Watch Barnaby Bear’s visit to Edinburgh Castle on KS1 BBC Bitesize and find out more about castle defences:
  • Design your ideal Castle (this could be done in your blue exercise book). Remember that the key purpose of a castle is to defend! Label your design with key vocabulary that you have learnt e.g. drawbridge, arrow slits, battlements etc.
  • Answer the following questions about your castle- Who lives there? Why do they live there? Is your castle well protected from enemies? How is it protected? Where would it be built and why?
  • ·Perhaps you could have a go at constructing your castle with any materials you can find at home e.g. lego, blocks, junk, sticks or twigs in the garden etc.


Your castle work might take more than one day, so if you need to spend today finishing off you can.

Science- Animals including Humans

  • Watch this clip on KS1 BBC Bitesize about life-cycles and find out about the life-cycle of a butterfly and a frog!
  • Think about your favourite animal. Is it a mammal, an amphibian, a reptile or a bird? Can you draw it’s life-cycle (you could do this in your blue exercise book).
  • For example- egg----hatchling-------adult lizard

Art- line and pattern

  • Print the Easter egg outlines which can be downloaded from the bottom of this page or draw your own on a blank sheet of paper.
  • Using a pencil decorate the eggs by drawing patterns on the inside, try to use lots of different types of line e.g. thick, thin, straight, wavy, dashed, dotted, zig-zag, spiral.
  • Take your time and make them beautiful, perhaps you could add some colour to your patterns when they are finished.