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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

St Peter's Catholic Primary School

What to expect - Year 2

Y2 Home Learning 

Approximate Directed Activity Time - 1 hour  - 2 hours

Activities can be spread out across the day to suit your circumstances


Ideally, every day we would like children to do the following: 

Read for 10-15 minutes (to an adult or older sibling or to themselves)

Spend around 20 minutes completing a writing task 

Practice counting or using NumBots for 10 minutes 

Spend around 20 minutes completing a maths task 


and across the week 

complete 3-4 topic themed activities (Science, RE, Art etc.)


Activities can be spread out across the day to suit your circumstances.

Completing Structured Activities 

These activities will need an adult to either work with the children or check their work afterwards so that they get the most from their learning.

English: please do the following each day

Reading (approx. 10- 15 minutes).

  • Your child should continue reading their normal school books and they have brought additional books home.
  • If they are completing the reading scheme then please talk to them about what they have read, perhaps ask them questions such as; What does this word mean on this page? Can you think of another word that means the same? Which bit made you feel…….?’How does the character feel on this page - why? 
  • If they are completing the Reading Challenge, then encourage them to complete the reading diary and book activities as normal

Writing (approx. 20 minutes)

  • There will be a writing based activity set every day on the class page, which can be found in the children's Virtual School. 
  • It is so important that children continue to write frequently as we do not want them to lose their carefully acquired skills during this time. Please encourage them to include capital letters, full stops, adjectives and conjunctions.
  • If your child needs more space to write or set out their answers, they can use the exercise book sent home with their learning pack.

Maths: please do the following each day


Independent Activities

You should schedule some time each day for your child to work independently from you. Below are some activities that children can complete without (or with minimal) adult support or supervision.

Discovery Education.

  • Children can freely explore the resources in the KS1 section. There are activities for all areas of the curriculum with videos to watch and activities to play including Phonics and Maths resources. It is a closed site and safe for children to use independently.

Purple Mash:

  • Purple Mash has a range of activities, from drawing pictures and writing captions to exploring modelling. It is a closed site and safe for children to use independently.

Phonics Play

  • A great site to continue reading words and applying sounds. You can access many games for free.

If you would like to limit screen time you could encourage your child to create a
mini project:

What are they interested in? It could be linked to our topics or to another area of interest.  Share it with your teachers in a mini project. You could:

  • Start a scrapbook, write and draw about their favourite character, person, animal etc.
  • Write letters or make cards for family and friends
  • make a model,
  • create a PowerPoint presentation,
  • make a fact file,
  • create an information poster,
  • create a piece of art
  • write a story,
  • make your own quiz or puzzle
  • a song or rap,
  • bake something
  • make up a drama script,
  • create your own word treasure hunt,
  • make fact file flash cards

You can produce anything you like based on what you know and have found out – be as creative as you like.