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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

St Peter's Catholic Primary School

What to expect - Year 5

Y5 Home Learning

Approximate Directed Activity Time - 2 hours 45 minutes - 3.5 hours

Activities can be spread out across the day to suit your circumstances


Ideally, we would like every child to do the following each day.

Read for 30 minutes

 Spend around 45 minutes completing the Writing task for the day

Spend 40 minutes completing the Maths task for the day

Practise Times Tables for 10-15 minutes


Complete the day's task set from another subject area (about 30- 45 minutes) 


Structured Activities this week

These activities will need an adult to either work with the children or check their work afterwards so that they get the most from their learning.

English: please do the following each day

Reading (approx. 20 minutes)

  • Your child should continue reading their normal school books and they have brought additional books home. Encourage them to complete the reading challenge diary and book activities as normal.

Writing (approx. 45- 60 minutes)

  • Please complete the writing tasks set by the teachers, each day. These will be posted in the year group page on the Children's Virtual School and also in the Google Classroom
  • If your child needs more space to write or set out their answers, they can use the exercise book sent home with their learning pack.
  • Your child may do a piece of descriptive writing instead of one of the set tasks using the image of the day on the Pobble 365 website.
  • If possible, practice the Year 5 and 6 spelling words that are in your pack.

Maths: please do the following each day

Maths Activities (approx. 40 mins)

  • Please complete the Maths task posted by the teachers each day. This will typically include a powerpoint, worksheets and answers. They can record their answers in their exercise book. 
  • Children can then attempt the worksheets either independently or with your support. We expect that all children can do the first few questions, but they do get harder and not everyone will complete all questions - this is ok.
  • If your child needs more space to write or set out their answers, they can use the exercise book also sent home with their learning pack.

Times Tables Rock Stars (10-15 mins)

  • Please carry on practising Times Tables online 


Google Classroom

In the event that children are finishing set work, more will be accessible on google classroom. The children have been shown how to access this.

Username: first name, first letter of their surname

Password: class name, first name
e.g. hawthornjohn (sometimes will have the first initial of surname too e.g. hawthornjohns

Classroom: Poplar & Hawthorn Home Learning 2020
Code: yfsonga


Independent Activities

You should schedule some time each day for your child to work independently from you. Below are some activities that children can complete without (or with minimal) adult support or supervision.

Discovery Education Mini Projects : Explore any of the resources in the KS2 section. What are you interested in? It could be linked to your topic, something you covered in another year and want to revisit, the news, or any other area of interest.

Research your chosen area and present what you have been learning about in a mini project. You can produce anything you like based on what you know and have found out – be as creative as you like. You could:

  • make a model,
  • create a PowerPoint presentation,
  • make a fact file,
  • create an information poster,
  • create a piece of art
  • write a story,
  • make your own quiz or puzzle
  • a song or rap,
  • bake something
  • make up a drama script,
  • create your own word treasure hunt,
  • make fact file flash cards

or think of another way yourself!


Useful Websites

Purple Mash – Your child was issued with their details for this website last week. Once they login (at the website below) they will be able to access a range of computing, maths, grammar, science, art and topic related activities. Should the period of time out of school extend, we will also set work under the ‘2do’ tab. If your child is unable to login, please let their class teacher know as soon as possible.

Discovery Education (Espresso) – The login details for this website are detailed below. Once they login (at the website below) your child will be able to click on the KS2 tab and explore a range of topics. The science and history tabs are particularly interesting. Username: Student28854 Password: password

Times Tables Rock Stars – Your child is familiar with their login details for this website as they have been using it weekly as part of their homework. Children should continue to use this resource during this time. The school postcode is KT227JN.

Poggle 353 – A picture of the day is generated and can be used for creative tasks.