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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

St Peter's Catholic Primary School

Writing - Y2 w/c 18th May

Every day you should do some writing work for about 
20 minutes. 

This week's work: ​​​​​

Last week marked the 200 year anniversary of Florence Nightingale's birth, the founder of modern nursing. This week you are going to be finding out all about her and completing a mini-project.

Monday- Reading Comprehension

  • This week's reading comprehension can be downloaded from the bottom of this page, it is a non-fiction text about the life of Florence Nightingale.
  • · You can print it and fill it in, or just write the answers in your exercise book.
  • · Remember to answer in full sentences for longer answers.
  • · There are 3 different levels; your grown- ups will help you choose the best one to complete.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday- Creative Writing

For the next 3 days you will be creating a fact-file  about Florence Nightingale. You can present your fact-file however you like. Some suggestions: in your blue exercise book, as a poster, as a leaflet. The title of your fact file could be 'Florence Nightingale' and you will have a section to write about each day. 

Remember it is really important to use:

  • · capital letters
  • · full stops
  • · adjectives
  • · conjunctions
    in all of your writing

Tuesday- Who was Florence Nightingale?

Today's section has the heading 'Who was Florence Nightingale?'

First watch the video then try to write a few super sentences about to share what you have learnt.

Questions you might like to answer in your super sentences:

  • · Where/ when was Florence Nightingale born?
  • · What is Florence Nightingale famous for?
  • · What were her family like?
  • · What did she enjoy?

Wednesday- Why do we remember Florence Nightingale?

Today you are writing about 'Why do we remember Florence Nightingale' You can re-watch the video from yesterday or there is a power-point presentation linked at the bottom of this page if you would like any additional information.

Questions you might like to answer in your super sentences:

  • · Where did Florence Nightingale go in 1854?
  • · What was it like there/ what did she do there?
  • · How did Florence Nightingale treat the soldiers?
  • · What did she become known as?
  • · What happened after the war? What did she do?
  • · What award was she given?


Thursday- Fun Facts about Florence Nightingale

Today's section is all about giving the reader some 'Fun Facts about Florence Nightingale'. Visit this website where you will find an additional video as well as some fun facts

Questions you might like to answer in your super sentences:

  • · How do we remember Florence Nightingale now?
  • · What did she want people to call her when she came home from the war? Why?
  • · Which queen did she meet?
  • · What animals did she love?

There is also a fun activity on the website, please feel free to have a go at this if you have time.


Friday- SPaG

  • · If you haven’t finished your fact-file please complete it during your writing time today.
  • · If you have already finished there is a spelling and grammar activity which can be found at the bottom of this page. You can print it and fill it in, or just write the answers in your blue exercise book.