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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

St Peter's Catholic Primary School

Writing - Y3 w/c 13th July

Every day you should do some writing
work for about
20 - 30 minutes.

All about you and your time in Year 3!

Begin the week by watching Miss Devlin and Mr Tredger’s introduction videos. These can be found on your google classroom – we hope you enjoy our work! 

(If you can’t watch the videos, Miss Devlin’s example is below). 

As it is the last week of your home learning we thought it would be nice to do something a little bit different this week. We would like you to think about this year and take a moment to reflect.  

From looking at our examples you will see that we have used sub-headings to create a little project for this week. 

In your mini project you should include these pages:

  1. Title Page 

  2. What do I enjoy about school and how do I learn best page?

  3. Prayer for next year page

  4. What do I want to be when I am older?

  5. I wonder…

  6. Favourite memories from Year 3

  7. Challenge: Create a games page with a Year 3 theme. 


  • You can present your project however you like. For example, a booklet, a Power Point, a leaflet or absolutely any way you like!
  • You have all week to complete this activity so you might want to do 1 page per day. 
  • Think about your presentation – we want this to be your BEST piece of work and something you can be proud of! 
  • (Just so you know it took us about 3 hours each to do our projects because we wanted them to be great examples for you!)

GOOGLE CLASSROOM: Post photos of your project or record yourself showing your project (like Miss Devlin & Mr Tredger’s example). 


Below is Miss Devlin’s example of her mini project:

Front Cover 


What do I enjoy about school and how do I learn best? 

A Payer for next year


What do I want to be when I am older? 

Favourite memories of Year 3