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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

St Peter's Catholic Primary School

Year 3 - Daily Timetable

Children in Year 3 have only just started to use Google Classroom to support their learning. Although we have been able to loan devices to families, some children may be using a device which they are not familiar with, or that is shared with another person.

For this reason, Year 3's learning day will be a mix of live and pre-recorded sessions.

A typical day:

8:45amLog on to Google Classroom to see the morning announcement and get prepared for the day ahead

9:15/9:30am- Take part in a Google Meet with class teacher and complete English / or Guided Reading assignments

11:00am- Watch the pre-recorded Maths teaching video and complete Maths work in Power Maths practice books

1:00pm- Read/watch instructions and complete assignments for one of the following subjects: Science, RE, History, Computing, PE or Art

2:45/3:00pm - Take part in a Google Meet with class teacher to discuss how the day went and to listen to their class story book.

(Total time 4.5 hours per day)

If your child has any questions regarding the learning, please encourage them to ask their teacher in their Google Meet sessions or to write them in the comments sections on Google Classroom and a member of staff will try to help them.

If you have any technological problems or any other concerns, please email your child's class teacher. 

Power Maths Practice Books - Answers 

We use Power Maths as our school Maths scheme. If you are helping your child at home and would like to use the answer booklets for the books, they can be found below.