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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

St Peter's Catholic Primary School

Year 4 - Autumn Term

Y4 Home Learning 

Approximate Directed Activity Time - 2 - 3 hours

Ideally, every day we would like children to do the following: 

English work - about 1 hour

  • Read independently or to an adult or older sibling for 20/30 minutes 
  • Spend around 30/40 minutes writing practising their writing, spelling or grammar

Maths work - about 45mins

  • Practice Times Tables RockStars for 15/20 minutes (if you do not have a log on please ask your teacher)
  • Spend around 30 minutes completing a maths task 

Topic work - about 30/ 45 mins

  • Complete one of our themed activities (Science, RE, Art etc.)

Helping your child with home learning - what to do:

Reading (20/30 mins) 

  • If your child is completing the reading scheme then please ask an adult or older sibling to hear them read their school reading book. If you do not have a school reading book, you can use a picture book from home or an online book.
  • Talk to them about what they have read, perhaps ask them questions such as; What does this word mean on this page? Can you think of another word that means the same? Which bit made you feel…….?’How does the character feel on this page - why? 
  • Listen out for them reading confidently, without having to sound each word out individually.
  • If they are completing the Reading Challenge, then encourage them to complete the reading diary and book activities as normal

Writing (20/30 minutes) 

  • There is an English activity booklet which can be downloaded below. This contains a variety of English activities including comprehension, spelling work and writing prompts. You should aim to complete one activity a day.
  • There are also spelling mats which can be completed as an alternative daily activity. There are 3 levels of mat for each day so that you can choose the best for your child. 
  • If your child would prefer, we have also shared some story prompt wheels that can be used to generate ideas to write about. Encourage your child to use exciting vocabulary to create a really interesting piece of writing and check their spelling carefully. 

Maths: please do the following each day:

  • Times Tables practice: (15 mins) Log onto TT RockStars and let your child practice their key skills for 15 mins or so. If you cannot remember or don't have a log on, please contact Miss Scott (Maths Lead) 
  • Activity Books (30 minutes) Encourage your child to spend about 30 minutes per day working through the activities in the maths practice book below.


Topic Learning (30 minutes) Choose one per day:

  • RE - Spiritual Journaling. Read the Gospel from this Sunday. You can find it here, and there is often an easy to read version too.
    - Read it several times, reflect on what you think Jesus is trying to tell us. 
    - Record your ideas using words or illustrations. 
  • Science - The threat of plastic in our seas and oceans. Re-watch the assembly from world ocean day. Think about what you could do to encourage others to reduce plastic use, at home, in school or in the wider community. Design a poster or a leaflet to show your ideas. 


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  • Music - How does music make you feel? Can you make a collection of songs that make you feel happy, sad, uplifted etc.
  • Computing - Digital Footprints (download below) 
  • Art - Portraits, using any art materials you have at home, pencils, crayons, paint etc paint either a self portrait or a portrait of someone in your family. 


Alternative ideas (Please feel free to use as needed):

Discovery Education.

  • Children can freely explore the resources in the KS2 section. There are activities for all areas of the curriculum with videos to watch and activities to play including Phonics and Maths resources. It is a closed site and safe for children to use without supervision.

Mini projects

What are you interested in? It could be linked to our topics or to another area of interest. Share it with your teachers in a mini project. You could:

  • Make your own comprehension question sheet about a book you have read for someone at home to answer.
  • You could re-design the front cover of the book you are reading or write a new blurb.
  • make your own quiz or puzzle
  • make a model,
  • bake something
  • create a piece of art

Tell us about your interests by using it to make one of these:

  • a PowerPoint presentation,
  • a fact file,
  • an information poster,
  • write a story,
  • a song or rap,
  • a drama script,
  • fact file flash cards